Golf consists of practice, and tournaments.


The Palo Alto Municipal Golf Course is our home course. It is equipped with a driving range and practice greens for chipping, putting and bunker play. The kids in this category are taking lessons but have not acquired enough skills to begin to play. During the school year this group receives one lesson a week, and two lessons per week in the summer. They learn the fundamentals playing the game, the history of game, rules, etiquette, dress, etc.


The kids in this category have acquired enough skill to go on the golf course and play one to three holes each time out This is the beginning of on course instruction and includes, (1) golf etiquette, (2) procedures (how to mark a ball, repair a ball mark, etc.), and (3) rules of the game. They also begin to play the regulation course at Palo Alto during our practice time. This group receives two lessons per week, year-round, and can play twice a week.


The golfers in this category play 6-10 tournaments each year. They are well versed in the rules, etiquette and procedures of the game and are role models for the other kids. They also assist with instruction for the beginners. This group’s instruction is on an as needed basis. They receive a monthly play card that allows them to play as often as they wish at the Palo Alto course and they play other courses once a month.