The Robert Hoover East Palo Alto Jr Golf is a non-profit organization that works children ages 6 and older who live in the Silicon Valley. Through golf instruction and academic support, the program aims to foster personal development and instill core values. The program operates year-round and maintains an enrollment of roughly 60 participants. With over 90% retention rate, EPAJG has succeeded in being a positive influence in the lives of youth over the past 25 years. Many have competed in numerous golf tournaments , played successfully on high school golf teams, and have even earned golf scholarships to universities of their choice. Kids participating in the Golf Program for at least two years significantly improve their academic performance and graduate from High School and move on the college. The program is a major contributor to their success as because kids that do not participate in the program have a higher probability of dropping out of school or falling into a life of crime. The kids of the parents also point out how the program positively impacts their kids. Above all, we pride ourselves in molding youth into productive members of society. We teach the value of education and their futures by emphasizing these core values that are built in to the game of golf itself:


The East Palo Alto Jr. Golf Program was founded in 1991 by Robert Steven Hoover, a community organizer, human and civil rights advocate in matters of public education, children’s rights, race relations, and personal development in the San Francisco Bay Area and the South Bay Peninsula region in Northern California. Mr. Hoover has a long history of civil rights advocacy. He worked directly with Starkly Carmichael, the founding member of the Pan African Congress and the 4th Chairman of the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). These organizations worked directly with civil rights leader and human rights activist, the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the struggle for racial equality in the United States of America. Mr. Hoover was the United States delegate at the Sixth Pan African Congress convened in Tanzania, Africa in 1974 under the invitation of the late President Julius Nyerere of the Union of the Republic of Tanzania.